Bachelor’s Abroad Joining The List Of The Best Nat Geo Reality Shows

bachelors abroadThe National Geographic Channel is known for some of the most intriguing documentaries and reality shows. The channel has a couple of the most widely watched TV shows in the planet. To further entertain the viewers, National Geographic is introducing a new reality show entitled ‘Bachelors Abroad’.

The excitement prior to the premiere of this new reality show is enough to guarantee viewers that it will soon join the list of the best Nat Geo Reality Shows.

‘Bachelors Abroad’ is a show which has been made by A Foreign Affair in conjunction with National Geographic. A Foreign Affair is a world renowned international dating agency which has successfully matched thousands of couples across borders. Its primary goal is promoting international dating to match individuals with their suitors.

The company usually facilitates more than forty tours every year to a wide range of countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. The main aim of the tours is to help people travel to other countries and cities, socialize with foreigners and possibly meet their suitors.

The idea of ‘Bachelors Abroad’ evolved from the tours which the company facilitates. Just like its name suggests, the reality show will feature single American bachelors who are taken overseas in the hope of discovering long-lasting relationships. The group of eager bachelors will be taken to cities and will be allowed to freely socially interact with the ladies until they find their special partners.

Bachelors Abroad TV showThe production team will pay special attention to the social places thronged by attractive women to give the bachelors a chance to meet similarly eager, single women who are ready to date. This is the type of show all viewers have been waiting for. That’s why it’s guaranteed to soon make a debut to the Best Nat Geo Reality Shows.

John Adams, the founder of A Foreign Affair, has repeatedly expressed his excitement over the new reality show. Thousands of fans are also eagerly waiting for its premier on the 12th of January 2013.

Over at a site called they are keeping a running commentary of each show as it airs, along with their comments and suggestions for other guys who may want to pursue their own foreign bride.

Many are sure to watch it grow to be declared as a major entrant into the league of Best Nat Geo Reality Shows. Take time to watch it at 11.00 PM and you’ll sure love it.

A Guide to Dating Older Men

dating-older-menThis is an article about dating older men written from a woman’s perspective.

Oh, you want to date older men like Catherine Zeta Jones wooed Michael Douglas? Well, there is nothing wrong in that. Even Scarlett o’ Hara tried her best to win the heart and mind of a certain very dashing personality called Rhett Butler in an evergreen romance called Gone with the Wind. The delightfully humorous and breezy French romcom Priceless shows a delectable and stunningly gorgeous Audrey Tatou trying to romance men old enough to be her granddaddy.

Date Older Men: How to Attract Older Men towards You?

Why do some women love to date older men?

Well the reasons can be numerous! In Priceless as they showed, the character played by Audrey Tatou was a social climber, a gold digger par excellence who preyed on older men so that she could fulfill her desires of possessing designer gowns and shoes, diamond necklaces, ride in limos, rub shoulders with the glitterati and socialites and who’s who of the glamour world in posh hotels in the glamorous French Riviera!

You are right, gold digging is one of the main reasons why beautiful young nubile nymphets with their proverbially blonde hair well in place run after older men to date.

Another reason is the safety and security and financial stability that these old men enjoy. Madonna was right when she crooned material girl for women are material girls and most women crave for material security and stability as that makes life easier.

There are still other women who date older men because they find a father figure in such a person. These types of women suffer from an Electra complex and there are still more women who date older men because they genuinely love them, adore them and are not scared of societal rebuttal and sneering remarks.

Older men also love to flaunt a sexy young chick as their arm candy and glow in the accolades that their friends and peers shower on them.

Being with sexy young chicks makes old men feel younger, full of the vitality of youth and it guarantees these old men a lot of limelight during their twilight years.

Well whatever be the reason to date older men, there are a few strategies to hook these oldies which you need to know.

One is, these oldies won’t really fall for your body because they have had plenty of sex in their long life. So don’t turn sexuality into your piece de résistance for it won’t work. Rather try to be a beauty with brains who is caring, understanding towards her older partner. These oldies seek companionship, rather than sex, though sex will be mind blowing once you hit the sacks!

On top of everything, you have to be honest with your old guy if you want to date older men.

How to Save Your Marriage

how to save your marriage

How do I save my marriage is a question that is asked more often than you may think.  If you are asking yourself this question lately then do not feel alone.  The truth is, most married couples go through slumps.

Sometimes, one of the people in the relationship has to step up and take the first steps to fix the problem.

Here are the 6 steps to save your marriage:

1. Admit that there is a problem!

The first step is simple.  Admit to yourself that there is something wrong.  Admit that you are unhappy and that your spouse more than likely is miserable, as well.  It can be very hard to admit to yourself, your partner or others close to you that your marriage is in trouble but until you do you have NO hope.  So say it out loud, right now:  WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

2.  Talk about the problem.

Address the problem with your partner.  Try to keep your cool and do not let the conversation escalate into an argument.  Tell them how you feel and LISTEN to how they feel.   Be respectful of their opinions, feelings and worries.  Have an open and honest conversation about what you each hope will change.

3.  See a counselor, pastor or other professional

If you are asking yourself, how to save tour marriage then you are probably past the point of fixing it on your own.  You two probably need help and there is no shame in that.  Marriage counseling is a great thing and can help you two to talk in a respectful and productive way.   Sometimes just having an unbiased mediator around will be incredibly helpful.

4.   Follow the advice of the professional

Walk in with an open mind and ask, ” How do I save my marriage”?  Whatever the professional says, you do.  You have to really do it, though.  You can?t fake it or just give a half effort.  You have to be ready to change and to be a better spouse.  The things that they ask you to do will probably not be easy but if your marriage is worth saving then you will do whatever it takes.

Work hard and you will reap the rewards.  Ignore the advice of the professional and you will stop wondering how to save your marriage and start wondering where to find a good lawyer.

5.   Keep up the hard work

The last step is possibly the hardest.  Keep up the hard work even when things are getting better.  It can be easy to fall back into bad habits once the relationship starts to improve.  Suddenly, you are ignoring them or taking them for granted or losing your temper? because you are back in your comfort zone.

You have to be willing to work hard.  Every day.  For the rest of your life.  If you aren?t ready for that type of work then you need to re-evaluate your priorities and decide if being married is worth it to you.

Saving your marriage will be hard work but it will be worth it in the long run.  Start by admitting that you need help, go get the help, take the commitment seriously and MAKE it work.  Don’t give up until you have done everything that you can.

There is no shame in admitting that your marriage is in trouble.  The only shame is in letting your relationship fall apart without taking steps to make it better.  How do you save your marriage?  The same way you do anything worth doing:  Long, hard, diligent work!

Premarital Counseling Questions Every Couple Should Discuss

Premarital CoupleGetting engaged and beginning to plan your wedding is, by far, one of the most exciting times in a person?s life.  It?s full of joy, fun and anticipation of the future.  If you?re engaged or thinking about getting engaged, then congratulations!

But, before you tie the knot (and tie yourself to someone else for LIFE) it is important to make sure you two are on the same page about some key aspects of life.  Premarital counseling (or pre-marriage counseling) is a great way to ensure that you are making the right choice for a life partner.

Topics like childbearing  financial planning, and long term goals are so important to a marriage but are rarely discussed before the leap is taken. This can lead to major problems later and may cause you to end up in divorce court.

So, in order to save yourself a lot of grief and misery in the long run, take time to discuss the following premarital counseling questions.  Once you have talked about them, bring them to a counselor who specializes in premarital counseling and let him or her help you sort out your feelings and/or concerns.

Premarital Counseling Questions:


  • What are your expectations of yourself and your spouse in relation to career?
  • Do you expect to work and, if so, how much?  Do you expect your spouse to work and, if so,       how much?
  • Do you expect yourself or your spouse to be the breadwinner?
  • How do you feel about traditional gender roles?  (i.e. husband who works outside of the home and wife who stays home) Do you want traditional roles in your family or do you want a more modern family where all of the responsibilities are shared?
  • Do you plan to stay in the same career or is there a possibility that you will want to change careers at some point?  If so, do you want to go back to school?  What about your spouse?
  • Children
  • How many kids do you want?
  • At what age do you want to have kids?
  • What goals do you want to achieve before having children? (Do you want to travel, save a certain amount of money, pay off credit cards, buy a home or finish graduate school for instance?)
  • What are your feelings about adoption?
  • What are your feelings about foster children?
  • How were you raised?  What would you do the same?  What would you do differently?
  • How do you plan to raise your children?  What type of discipline do you plan to use?  Do you want to raise them with religion?  If so, what religion?
  • Do you want them educated in private or public schools?


  • How much money do you make per year?
  • Do you consider yourself a spender or a saver?
  • Is money important to you?  Would you rather work more hours for more money or have more free time and less money?
  • Do you currently have debt?  How much?
  • What are your financial priorities and goals?  (Do you want to buy a house within a certain number of years?  Do you hope to save a certain amount of money per month toward retirement?  Do you want to retire at a specific age?)


  • Are you religious?  How important is religion to your life?
  • Does it bother if your spouse?s beliefs are not the same?
  • Are your children going to be expected to be religious, as well?
  • Can you compromise about certain aspects of your religious life?  Are there some things that are non-negotiable?

Social Life

  • How often do you currently go out?  Do you expect to continue this when married?  Or will your social life pick up or slow down once married?
  • Do you enjoy staying in?
  • How important are your friends to you?
  • Do you enjoy hosting parties?

This is just the beginning of the many questions you should ask and the conversations you should have before getting married.  These premarital counseling questions will more than likely open up the flood gates and more questions will come up.  Just keep letting the conversation flow and bring any concerns to a counselor for help.

Communication is key to any relationship!